Tens and ones!

The children have spent this week going number crazy! Writing, drawing, building and singing we have done it all as we get to grips with our 2 digit numbers!

Welcome back

Welcome back! It has been lovely to see all the children again and get to know all our new children. We have spent the week introducing the children to the new routines in their classrooms and letting them explore their new environments. Next Friday will see the start of spellings, so if you could please take some time out to sit and ptactice with your child/ children that would be fantastic. Will blog again soon!

What’s your favourite colour!

Year 2 spent this week’s science lesson carrying out a survey to find out the most popular colour in year 2.

With the help of tally carts, bar charts and a little data analysis green came out on top.

Mrs Greenwood was pleased!

Thesaurus madness!

Class 2 spent Friday afternoon looking at how to ‘up level their writing’ using a thesaurus. Focusing on our character description words, words like sad, angry and brave were banned and were replaced by distraught, furious and courageous!

Budding architects and engineers.

Year 2 spent the morning on Friday looking at the design and construction of some of the tallest buildings in Europe. They then set about making and designing the tallest buildings they could using only spaghetti and marshmallows!

Demolishing the buildings at the end of the morning proved rather tasty!

A rainy trip!

Class 2 had a rainy visit to Manor Heath Park this morning. Despite the weather a fun time was had by all. The children spent the morning exploring the park and sheltering in the various dens before taking part in a quiz. We then returned to school for lunch before baking our monster bread in the afternoon.

Rhythm & Rhyme!

Class 2 turned to percussion instruments to help them with their performance poetry.  With a bang of a drum, a clash of a symbol and a ting of a triangle the rhythm of our weather poems came alive!

More art!

Class 2 spent Tuesday afternoon getting to grips with art on the computer. Sticking with the wild life theme we drew flowers, butterflies and a few hedgehogs!

What a week!

Art week has come to a close! The children have had some great fun in class and around school making their masterpieces. Roll on our exhibition!

Thank you to Alex who has cleaned our class every day. You deserve a restful weekend.

Colourful start to ‘Art Week’.

Class 2 started the week with a look at abstract art. Sketching outlines of things they see in our own wildlife garden. They focused on shapes and on adding colour. In the afternoon they learnt about the colour wheel. The children finished off the afternoon painting matchsticks with the new colours they had made to use later in the week.



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