Well done!

Congratulations to Isaac Blackburn, Freddie Knowles, Heidi Kimber and Noah Kimber on completing the Northowram Burner.

We are all really proud of you!

Walking, jumping or running which tires you the quickest?

Year 2 spent their science lesson this week investigating how to tire out naughty Nora who causes havoc at poor Discovery Dog’s house.

Our prediction that a running game would do the job proved to be wrong. It was the jumping game that won the day!

How much water does the container hold?

Class 2 spent their maths lesson today measuring and estimating the capacity of different containers.

Well done to Lucas who accurately guessed the capacity of the bucket!

Preparing to go home.

Year 2 spent this week’s science lesson learning about how to care for their tomato plants at home. Bigger pots, plant food and a cane to hold them up right were all on the home menu!

Good luck to everyone let’s hope we soon see our first tomatoes!

A traditional start to the new term.

Class two have started the new term learning about Fables. Through dance and voice overs they have brought ‘The boy who cried wolf’ and ‘Town Mouse and Country Mouse’ to life.

Measure madness!

Class 2 kicked started their week looking at different units of measure. Drawing a straight line to measure was proving a little tricky so we took sometime to practice our ruler skills!

Year 2 and their green fingers!

Year 2 spent Tuesday afternoon tending to their plants. Sunlight, soil and a little water let’s see how our tomoatoes grow!

Lessons in shapes.

Class 2 have spent the week learning all about shapes and their properties. They shared their knowledge and expertise on Friday with the whole school. They even taught the year 6 children a thing or two!

Out in the country.

Year 2 had a great day on Thursday at Countryside Live.

A big thank you to Mr Taylforth, Mr Emsley, Mrs Blackburn, Mr Marr and Dan for their help and for making the day possible.

Well done Year 2s!

Year 2s spent the last hour of today having a well earned treat following working so hard the last couple of weeks on their SATs. The lego, felt tips and story books were out and everyone had a great time.

Roll on our trip to Countryside Live on Thursday.

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