Going green!

Year 2 have spent the first week of the new term thinking about how we all can work together to look after the planet. We found out that humans and dragons have a lot in common and both need help to learn how to recycle, reuse and reduce!

Watch out for the arrival of our new super hero in class! He’s green, he’s mean and he knows a thing or two about saving our plant!

The Giraffe, Pelly and me!

The children have really enjoyed our class book this term. I think their pictures say it all.

Wow words!

We spent our spelling time this week using a thesaurus to develop a bank of wow words for our story writing. We were glum and melancholy rather than sad. We were over joyed, excited and joyous rather than happy and we were microscopic, miniature and tiny rather than very small.

Budding scientists!

Year 2 spent this afternoon helping Ben from Oxford University with his snail problem. If only he knew which leaf the snails liked best!

Our teams of budding scientists at Luddendenfoot Academy step in, designing an experiment to help Ben keep his snails happy and healthy.

We went to the zoo, zoo, zoo!

Year 2 spent the day at Blackpool zoo. The zoo staff taught us all about the animals we saw from the penguins from the Artic to the Camels from Africa. We met a bearded dragon, finishing the day with our own playground adventure.

Thank you to Mrs Shaw, Mr Gibson and Mrs Kimber who made the trip possible.

Where the wild things are!

This week we have been reading the book ‘where the wild things are’, learning all about Max’s adventures. In design and technology we designed our own wild things, bringing them to life using our colourful modelling clay.

Money, money, money!

Its all been about money this term in PSHEE! We have learnt about where money comes from, how much money different people earn, what you have to pay for out of your wage as an adult and the importance of managing your money correctly.

We ended the week with a game of monopoly!

Healthy Living!

Healthy body and mind was on the menu for year 2 this morning. Year 2 spent the morning with Calderdale’s Healthy Living Team. Starting with a touch of yoga, followed by some meditation, we moved on to a healthy start to the day, good hygiene and the need for sleep.



A busy first day back!

A sad but busy first day back as the children said goodbye to Miss Gill. Leaving a rainbow behind, she left us for pastures new.


To keep her on her toes the children showed off their reason skills answering some challenging questions. I have added a couple below so parents can have go! Are you smarter than a 6 year old?




The end to a busy term!

Year 2 have had a busy half term. They have been working hard learning their timestables and have written some amazing stories and recounts. Our class book this half term has been James and the giant peach which we finished today. The children have really enjoyed the book and have used the challenging vocabulary we have come across when reading the book in their writing. Melancholy, determined, cautiously to name but a few!

The children spent their last lesson today drawing an image of their favourite part of the book.


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