The lost hat stories.

Year 2 have spent this week looking at different stories about lost hats. Using a story map they have created their own lost hat stories.

Getting to grips with grammar!

Year 2 spent some time this week searching for nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs in their writing. We collected them on post it notes and shared them, helping each other to make our writing more interesting!


Holiday hat disaster for Hamilton!

Year 2 had to come to Hamilton’s rescue on Thursday when he tore his umbrella hat. Paper, plastic or fabric which material would be most suitable for the job of patching up the tear? The children enjoyed finding out even if they did get a little bit wet!

KS1 trip to Eureka!


Hamilton and his hats!

Year 2 have spent this week describing familiar characters. Determined, brave, patient and kind were just a few of the character traits of our favourite pig Hamilton.

Not forgetting our expanded noun phrases we wrote some fantastic character descriptions.

Mixing art and maths as Year 2 goes numberbond crazy!

This week Year 2 have been looking at number bonds. In art the children made visual representation of number bonds to help with their quick recall.

Tens and ones!

The children have spent this week going number crazy! Writing, drawing, building and singing we have done it all as we get to grips with our 2 digit numbers!

Welcome back

Welcome back! It has been lovely to see all the children again and get to know all our new children. We have spent the week introducing the children to the new routines in their classrooms and letting them explore their new environments. Next Friday will see the start of spellings, so if you could please take some time out to sit and ptactice with your child/ children that would be fantastic. Will blog again soon!

What’s your favourite colour!

Year 2 spent this week’s science lesson carrying out a survey to find out the most popular colour in year 2.

With the help of tally carts, bar charts and a little data analysis green came out on top.

Mrs Greenwood was pleased!

Thesaurus madness!

Class 2 spent Friday afternoon looking at how to ‘up level their writing’ using a thesaurus. Focusing on our character description words, words like sad, angry and brave were banned and were replaced by distraught, furious and courageous!

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