Transition Day

Year 1 spent the day as head of KS1 in preparation for September! Using their imagination they turned a stick into an arrow a cardboard box into a rocket and a pencil into wand!

They practiced Year 2s famous rainbow writing before decorating their hands and taking a leap into the future.

The Sound of Music Returns!

Years 2 and 3 took part in their second music workshop today. This time the focus was on rhythm and beats as the children experimented with some rather unusual musical instruments.

The sound of music!

Years 2 and 3 took part last week in a music workshop. They learnt how to exercise their vocal chords and rehearsed for a part in a music marathon!

A big thank you to Mrs Pearce for organising the event for us.

Miss Perkin’s surprise tin!

What a start to our last half term! Following our ride in Mr Bamber’s time machine to the ragged school we recieved a a delivery from Miss Perkins the school’s headmistress. We were a little scared as Miss Perkins used a cane and was very strict. But luckily it was all ok as she had sent us games to enjoy from the past.



L Factor, Bake Sale and a love story! What an amazing day!

Year 2 had an amazing day today, baking, raising money and waiting for that all important kiss between Mr Hoppy and Mrs Silver. Year 2 stole the show with the eye of the tiger! Acapello had never been attempted before in the history of the L factor and Year 2 smashed it! Amazing!

Unfortunately video of performance too large to upload but I will try and arrange a take 2!


Esio Trot!

Another Rohl Dahl novel is our class book this half term. We are over a half the way through Esio Trot and the children have been getting to grips with tortoise language as the try and help Mr Hoppy win the heart of his true love Mrs Silver.

Profit and loss!

Year 2 have spent this half term learning about  their wants and needs, where money comes from, why we need it and how we can keep our money safe and manage it well. Our end of term challenge is to turn £20 into £50 and use the profit to have a bird table made for our wildlife garden. The children have been busy planning their fundraising event and designing the bird table.

Treasure Hunt at Manor Heath Park!

Year 2 had a fantastic morning in Manor Heath Park on Thursday organised by Mrs Turner. As part of our economic well being topic we went on a treasure hunt looking for old coins. Mr Cuplin met us there with his metal detectors and we were lucky enough to find quite a few!

We even got time to go on the playground!

Michael Recycle has landed!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s Michael Recycle come to save planet earth. His message is clear Year 2 must spread the word ‘Recycle, Reduce, Reuse – Go Green!’ And they have. We have increased what we recycle, reduce and reuse and have written non-fiction reports, designed posters and created our own greener, leaner super heros. Move over Superwoman, Batman and Robin there is a new hero in town and his name is Frank Reuse!


Going green!

Year 2 have spent the first week of the new term thinking about how we all can work together to look after the planet. We found out that humans and dragons have a lot in common and both need help to learn how to recycle, reuse and reduce!

Watch out for the arrival of our new super hero in class! He’s green, he’s mean and he knows a thing or two about saving our planet!

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