The end to a busy term!

Year 2 have had a busy half term. They have been working hard learning their timestables and have written some amazing stories and recounts. Our class book this half term has been James and the giant peach which we finished today. The children have really enjoyed the book and have used the challenging vocabulary we have come across when reading the book in their writing. Melancholy, determined, cautiously to name but a few!

The children spent their last lesson today drawing an image of their favourite part of the book.


Our forest adventure.

Year 2 had a fantastic day at Nell Bank. We learnt so much about the countryside and the animals that live there. The pictures say it all!

Teachers for the day!

Year 2 spent the morning yesterday teaching the teachers! With their highlighters ready they marked books, corrected spelling and gave good feedback! All in a days work.

Dictionary corner.

It’s all about our ‘wow’ words in literacy this week as we plan Little Red Riding Hood’s adventure through the city. With a little help from dictionary corner Little Red is courageous, fabulous, amazing and utterly determined as she battles through the hazards of the city to make it to Grandma’s flat!

The Great British Cake Off!

To end the measuring madness this week we had a great British Cake off! The children were split into 4 teams as they competed for this year’s title. All the children did amazing with no help at all. In the end after much deliberation the lemon cake came out on top!

A big thank you to Miss Gill for organising the day for us!

Measuring madness!

It’s been all about measuring this week. Meters, centi-meters, kilo-grams, grams, litres, millilitres, degrees Celsius we have measured used them all!


Who is the big bad wolf?

Well what a busy start to the new term. The children have been familiarising themselves with some of their favourite traditional tales. The big bad wolf has visited us but we are not sure if he is bad anymore. Rumours are he is a vegetarian, he didn’t blow the three little pigs’ houses down on purpose and he visits Red Riding Hood’s Grandma on a regular basis with his home made vegetarian soup!

Missing numbers have been keeping us busy in maths before we go on to ask Mr Wolf “what time is it?

Our budding scientists strike again!

Year 2 spent Thursday afternoon investigating the best way to wash bacteria off their hands. As part of their keep well campaign they tested  3 different solutions to see which worked best. The children planned and carried out the investigation and discussed how they could ensure it was a fair test.

Hot soapy water came out on top!

As part of our healthy eating project Year 2 made pizzas based on the eat well plate. Despite having much less cheese on them and been covered in fruit and vegetables everyone who visited our pizza cafe said how tasty they were. Even the teachers stole a slice or 2!

The design stage.

Making the pizzas.

Before cooking.

The end result.

The best bit. Pizza Cafe Open!



Year 2’s next writing challenge!

After a week of poetry, fighting knights, drinking potions and dining with kings Year 2 are about to  face their next writing challenge this week – writing adventure stories for the year 1 children based on Julia Donaldson’s book the stick man.

The children planned their stories today with writing beginning tomorrow!


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