Starburst Rocks!

Today in science, we have been learning all about different rock types. The children used starburst sweets to make the three different rock types. Please ask your child all about it as they really did love doing the experiment.

Santa has been!

Father Christmas has been to school today. He has very kindly brought all the children a present. We have also had a lovely time playing games all morning. 

Last week of term

We have a very busy last week of term. The children have been working really hard on their Christmas performance and we hope that you can all make it. This year, Year 3 are the Christmas characters from the Nativity story. They play a vital role and will be on the stage a lot during the performance.

Christmas parties are on Friday. Traditional party games will be played with some snack in the afternoon. Your child may come in nonuniform on the day.

Your child will also be bringing home their Viking helmets that they have made this half term. We have loved the Viking topic and hope our next topic is just as good! Which brings me on nicely to a little research. If at all possible, I would love for the children to look into The Stone Age. Any format they like would be fantastic. It is up to them how much they do and just some reading would be perfect.

Myself and Mrs Lumb would like to wish you all a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to seeing you all in January.


Jorvik Viking Centre

Year 3 had a fantastic day yesterday at the Jorvik Viking Centre. We started off visiting The Dig where the children did a workshop on Viking battle tactics. Some children got to hold the weapons and pretend to fight the Viking. She told them all about the weapons and what they were used for and how the Vikings would go into battle.

Next we visited the Viking Centre. The children enjoyed stories and looking at the excavations of how the Vikings used to live. After the tour of the museum, the children saw more artifacts and listened to more tales of Viking legends.

I can honestly say it was one of the best trips I have done and all the children seemed to really enjoy it. 


Over the last week we have been writing instructions and following them . The children followed a set of instructions to make a Viking helmet. They are moving onto longboats this week, wish us luck!


This half term the children are learning all about forces and magnets. The children have enjoyed investigating using force meters the required force needed to pull an object. They will go on to look at friction and magnets before the holidays.

Our Assembly

On Tuesday this week Year 3 performed their play ‘The Trial of Goldilocks’. The children had worked incredibly hard, alongside Mrs Goulden, to make sure it was perfect and i’m sure you’ll agree it was fantastic. 

CSI Workshop

On Thursday the children thoroughly enjoyed a CSI themed workshop ran by the Pulse CSI team. The day started off with looking for fingerprints using lead fillings and a wand. The children then looked at their own fingerprints and examined them with magnifying glasses to find their specific type of print.  They then made a lovely keyring with their fingerprint on. The children went on to examine fibres and hair samples along with hidden messages. In the afternoon, the children got to examine a crime scene and use all their skills from the morning to decide who the suspect was. It was a fantastic science based day and the children loved it!

Science – Light

In science this half term we have been looking at light sources and what happens when light travels. The children have been investigating what happens when light hits different objects. The children have really enjoyed drawing diagrams and then investigating their ideas.

Who Dunn it?

We have been very busy this half term exploring our topic ‘Who Dunn It?’ The children have been reading and exploring the text ‘Detective Dog’. This has been extended further by looking at the justice system and our courts of law. The children have really enjoyed looking at who is in a court room and what happens there. This has led us further to look at the system of democracy. During the rest of this term the children will continue to explore these ideas and put them into a play which you will enjoy at our class assembly.

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